How to do Meditation ?

Meditation is the greatest and wonderful experience.
Meditation is the easiest and natural phenomenon that is there with every one of us.
Meditation is the only way to understand and to elevate to state of Bliss.
What is Meditation?
Meditation is the journey from known frequency to unknown frequencies. Meditation is the journey from our limited perception to unlimitedness. Meditation is the journey from Body-Mind Consciousness to Self Consciousness.
How to do Meditation?
There are 3 steps to do Meditation:
1. Posture
2. Meditation Technique
3. Meditative State and its Experiences
Posture is defined as the way you sit for Meditation. Posture must be comfortable and stable. Posture is the first and foremost step in the process of Meditation. You can select a comfortable place in your natural environment. The place should be very comfortable and esthetic to you. You should feel comfortable in that environment. In that place select a comfortable place. Then sit in that place.
You can sit in your normal way or you can sit cross legged, Sukhasana. 
Then clasp your fingers. You can also do mudras. Then when you feel comfortable, slowly close your eyes.
Meditation Technique:
Meditation Technique is the technique one adopts to reach Meditative State.
The easiest and profound way is to: Observe one’s own natural Breath. 
How to adopt the technique?
After selecting the place, posture with the eyes closed, Take deep breath. Inhale deeply. Exhale deeply. Do Inhalation, Exhalation consciously with total relaxation for 5 times. Inhale slowly and exhale slowly. Take your own time.
Then, slowly stop the inhalation and exhalation which you were doing consciously.
Relax…totally relax…
Slowly you will witness a miracle. What you were doing consciously is still happening without your commands.
Breath is happening on its own. Sometimes erratic, some times rhythmic. Observe that natural flow of Breath.
Let it happen on its own. Just witness it. Do nothing. Just witness the Breath. Do not do conscious breathing. Breath happens on its own. Just be with the Breath and its flow.
Miracles start happening.
Breath slowly becomes thinner and thinner. Breath becomes shorter and shorter.
Slowly you will transcend the mind zone.
Here in the process, known or unknown thoughts may just creep in. It may or may not disturb you.
If it is not disturbing you, just be with breath. Slowly thoughts reduce.
If thoughts are disturbing you: Thoughts will be there in the process of transcending the mind, because mind is nothing but bundles of thoughts.
When thoughts come and haunt you, just witness consciously your in-breath and out-breath.
Do not negate the thoughts. Do not energize the thoughts. Do not go behind the thoughts. Just allow it to happen.
Relax…relax…Just observe the Breath. Witness the in-breath … out-breath…Breath will be erratic…Slowly the breath becomes rhythmic. Breath becomes thinner and thinner. Thoughts too become lesser and lesser.
Thoughts will not disturb you. It just happens as if it is happening some where and you are only witnessing it.
Slowly thoughts become zero and breath becomes shorter and shorter.
Slowly you will transcend the mind/thought zone.
Meditative State and Meditative Experiences:
By Observing, Witnessing you will slowly reach No Thought No Breath State. It is the Meditative State. In this state you will receive abundant Cosmic Energy.
By continuously doing Meditation, 
Third Eye gets activated. Further Third Eye gets perfected.
Astral Travel starts happening. We ‘see’ our own physical body.
Our Energy body gets cleansed.
We will get glimpses of our past-lives.
We will ‘Experience’ many more.
By doing Meditation,
Our understandings will change.
Our perceptions will change.
We will understand our Unlimitedness
We will understand Death and Beyond.
We will be blissful at all times and situations.



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