Pyramid Meditation

Meditation inside the Pyramid is the most effective.
Pyramid is the most stable structure in this planet Earth.
Pyramid receives highest Cosmic Energy.
Pyramid forms with an angle 52 degrees 52 minutes.
Pyramid can be constructed with any material/materials.
Material make no difference to the Power of Energy Pyramid receives.
Pyramid has to be aligned to exact cardinal directions- north, south, east and west.
Energy accumulates at 1/3rd height from the base of the Pyramid. This place is known as 'King's Chamber'.
A crystal fixed at the apex of the Pyramid. The crystal absorbs Cosmic Energy and radiates through out the Pyramid.
Pyramid helps to achieve Meditative State three times faster than normal conditions.
Meditation inside the Pyramid helps to achieve greater heights in Meditation
Pyramid Meditation helps to communicate to higher frequency realities.
More research can be done with 'Panchabhutha Pyramids'.
'Panchabhutha Pyramids' are Pyramids constructed with 5 elements- earth, water, fire, space and ether.
Each Pyramid constructed with each element is called 'Element Pyramid'.
Each and every 'Element Pyramid’ is effective for different zones of our Energy Bodies.
'Water Pyramid' is very effective for Mind. 
If one meditates inside the 'Water Pyramid', his mind becomes calm, peaceful. He will come out of the stress very fast.
Meditation can be done at any time. Meditation in 'King's Chamber' is the most powerful.