Tamil Meditation Video from Spiritual Reality

Meditation Guru is the Meditation Center, India to learn and master Guided Meditation Techniques on-line through Guided Meditation.
Meditation Guru is not a personality. It is Knowledge.
'Spiritual Reality video is now available for Sale in Tamil as 'AANMIKA YATARTAM''
Watch: Meditation Video in Tamil version
Meditation Guru welcomes you to the temple of Knowledge to Enlighten and to become a Creator.
Meditation guru Meditation Center, India guides you to learn and master the Meditation Technique through guided Meditation Techniques.
Meditation Guru guides to learn the Meditation Technique for beginners who are eager to learn the Meditation Techniques.

Meditation Tamil Video from Spiritual Reality

This video is part of Spiritual Reality-journey within video.

Practice Meditation as instructed.
If you need further guidence, enroll for Meditation Classes.