Third Eye

The Third Eye is a very powerful tool of the soul to 'see', to 'feel' and to 'hear' the higher frequency realities.
These three functions of the soul are known as Third Eye.

When the Cosmic Energy flows heavily, the Third Eye gets activated.

At the time of activation of the Third Eye, we feel an itching sensation or pulling sensation at the fore head region.

We start 'seeing' glimpses of various colors rotating around us. We 'see' pitch-dark color.

third eye

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We 'hear' murmuring sounds, sound of walking.

Here, we 'feel' we are traveling in a pitch dark Tunnel, we 'feel' as if we are falling in a dark tunnel, we feel we are moving upwards in a dark tunnel towards a brilliant light, we 'feel' we are traveling towards bright light.

Third Eye Perfection:

When the Etheric Body gets sufficient Cosmic Energy by more and more Meditation our Third Eye gets perfected.

Here, we perceive crystal clear visions of this plane and other planes.

In Third Eye perfection,
we 'see' so many things more crystal clear than the physical visions.
We 'see' other frequency realities.
We ''see' the things which are not present near the five senses.
We 'feel' so many things, which we cannot express with the words.
We 'hear' inner voices, sounds or sounds of Instruments from other frequencies.
We 'see' Masters who are not there physically with us.
We 'see' Masters in a physical form, as we know them.
After more Meditation, we start 'seeing' the Master like a 'Bright Light”.
Even by 'seeing' the Bright Light, we 'feel' the identity of the Master.
We can 'hear' the messages from the Masters.
We 'feel' moving in a tunnel and finally merging with the light.

Third Eye Experiences makes us to know that:
We can get answers for all our problems through
Messages from the Masters
or by 'seeing' other frequency realities or as a 'feeling'.

By this:
Our actions will change.
Our beliefs will change.
Our Understanding will change.

After this Third Eye experience, we find changes in our perception of this physical plane.

FAQ on Third Eye

What is Third Eye?
Third Eye is a powerful toll of the Self to ‘see’, to ‘hear’ and to ‘feel’ the other frequency realities.
How to experience Third Eye experiences?
When you are in No Thought state and connected to the Source, your Third Eye gets activated. This one can experience in Meditation. Meditation helps you to get abundant Energy and further it activates the Third Eye.
How do we know that Third Eye is activated?
In Meditation, we get itching sensation near the eye brows. Further we ‘see’ colors, we hear some murmuring sounds and some times we ‘feel’ some thing which we can not explain with words. These are the indication of Third Eye Activation.
What is perfect Third Eye Experience? How this Experience will be?
By doing more and more Meditation we receive abundant Cosmic Energy. It activates Third Eye. Further with more and more Cosmic Energy, Third Eye gets perfected.
When we achieve this, we see things from this frequency and other frequencies with very crystal clear visions. Visions will be more crystal clear than physical eye perceptions.
We hear clear, vibrating sounds. We ‘see’ visions of Masters, Lights and many more.
We also ‘feel’ the Knowledge behind the Experiences.
What happens after Third Eye experiences?
After we experience Third Eye Experiences, we ‘feel’ lot of changes in our perception of this frequency and other frequencies.
How Third Eye Experience helps to solve one’s problems?
When you have problems, seek the solution within.
In Meditation we ‘hear’ inner voices. We ‘feel’ so many things about the situation we are in. We ‘get’ Knowledge. With this we will get higher understandings about the problems and root cause of the problems we are in. We will be able to handle the situations with ease and without any stress. We will be able to Experience the situation as it is without Mind. This Experience makes our Conscious grow in Knowledge and it expands.
Can we ‘see’ the departed soul in Third Eye experiences?
Meditation activates and perfects the Third Eye. We can ‘see’ the departed soul. Sometimes the ‘soul’ will speak with us and also he explains about the life in other frequency realities. This is a great Understanding. With this we will be able to come out of sorrow and we will understand the Death and life beyond Death.
Can we get messages from Masters in Third Eye Experiences?
When you are in deep Meditation, you will ‘see’ light and further you will ‘travel’ inside the light. There you will ‘see’ Masters either in the same form as we know or as shadow or as light or we ‘hear’ the voice of the Master.
This experience gives us knowledge.

Questions by Meditators
Question: For the first time in meditation I saw an eye. The eye was very, very large, like it was covering the whole universe. It seemed to look around until it rested on me. It seemed as though I was going to enter into that huge black pupil, but it seemed to stop when I was at the very door. There was a purple light that was swirling around me and went all through me. I have seen the purple light for a long time. I was very scared at first, my stomach was doing flip-flops and my head was full of a hundred question and other sensations. But I kept looking without turning away. I am so excited and I want to understand more about this experience, I feel that I am being taken to a high level.
Abigail Campbell
Answer: When we transcend the physical plane and enter into other frequency realities, we experience other frequency realities. It will be so amazing, mesmerizing and some times scary too. It is because Mind can not understand and perceive such experiences.
Every Meditation session is unique and versatile. It is because the experiences are million and millions.
This time what you have experienced is the traveling in a tunnel kind of thing and 'seeing' the purple light and a big 'EYE' is the perfect indication of your Third Eye Experiences. Next you will continue with the same Experience immediately or sometimes after a week or month. You will perceive so many things in the Journey. You will get great understandings.
As of now:
Don't analyze. Don’t think too much about it.
Continue Meditation. Just be a witness or.
Experience the inner Silence.
Note: When we are in the other frequency realities and Experiencing the beautiful experiences, our mind become confused and it raises unnecessary questions like: is it true? Where I am? Which color is this? I am scared etc. Once mind activates, the journey abruptly stops. Again after sometime only the same experience continues. Sometimes the Experience which we are in stops and we enter into different zone and different experience begins. Sometimes we don't feel like continuing.
So, always stay in the Self.
Witnessing without analysis is the way.
Question: Today in meditation I saw very clearly people I did not know, they were speaking but I couldn't hear them. The experience was very brief but very clear. It happened several times with different people each time. Can you explain what was happening here, please? I also experienced several powerful jolts of my arms, I imagine I was asleep when this happened, and it was just me waking up in a start? I am also finding that my libido drive is growing; I know that this should not be wasted, but the energy kept as that is the cultivation, any advice?
Answer: Meditation is the most beautiful Experience. We travel to other frequency realities. Here we travel many knowledge zones to get Knowledge which we are seeking for life time. The knowledge we get will be learnt through Masters. They will appear and give all that we are seeking unconsciously. Some times we may not know (to our mind) what they are speaking, but our inner self registers every thing. It will be known through our higher understandings which we unknowingly exhibit in our day to day life.
Continue Meditation. You will get crystal clear 'visions' and you will be able to 'hear' very clearly and be able to write down all that you have 'heard'
Meditation takes your energy levels to greater heights.
Question: I just wanted to ask a basic question. Actually where a person has to concentrate? Is it between the two eyes that is just starting of the nose joint or between two eyebrows? That is above starting of nose joint. Because I think when I sit for meditation my eyes get squinted after 10-15minutes and all those colors and concentric circle appears which I had told you previously. I am not able to go ahead of black tunnel. I am stuck up. Always I reach the same place then nothing. That's why I am suspecting whether my technique is right or wrong? Please reply at your earliest.
Answer: You are doing perfect Meditation. You are transcending the mind. You are reaching Meditative State. Your problem lies in your analysis of your Meditation.
Path is perfect. Analysis is wrong.
Now in Meditation:
Just relax with closed eyes. Witness the breath- inflow...out-flows in the nose region. Slowly your breath becomes smaller and smaller and you may feel as if you are not at all breathing. If you reach or feel like it, then, just witness whatever is happening. Don't analyze. If colors appear just witness it. Never analyze and you don't do any thing. If you start analyzing, the experience will disappear and you will feel the breath.
Just be with your breath. Again you will go to the experience. If you again analyze, again you will come back to breath. So, just relax. Do nothing. Just be a witness or. No Mind activity. Just be a observer. Relax. What ever happens in Meditation, just be. Just be. Understand that each and every Meditation session is unique and every other session is different. If it is repeating again and again, then you are expecting the same again and again. This will stop you to go Beyond.
Stop all analysis. Expect Nothing. Meditate for Meditation.
Question: Ok, this might sound strange but sometimes when meditating or even just falling asleep I have this very real feeling of being suddenly sucked into a tunnel of some sort, or even turning inside out (?) If I can relax and go with it, it usually feels like flying in space. Sometimes I get nervous and kind of shake myself out of it. Has anyone else experienced this?
Answer: Beautiful Meditation Experience.
You are into Meditative state. Sleep is just our mind notion. When we transcend the mind, we 'feel' like sleep. It is not sleep. It is just switching from mind to ‘No Mind’ state. When you are in Meditative state, you will 'see' other frequency realities and the way you Experience is multi-dimensional. The travel to other frequency happens through 'Tunnel Experience'. The tunnel will be pitch dark and very long. After sometime, you will 'see' glitters around and bright light at far end and you 'feel' you are moving towards it. Jerk is nothing but astral disturbances in the travel. When you are traveling, suddenly your mind starts analyzing it- what is it? Why it is so? Then suddenly Astral body will have a jolt and comes back to the physical body, sometimes with a thud. Your Experiences will vanish. You have to start again. Sometimes you will go to the same frequency or you will have other experiences or you will come out of Meditative state.
Nervousness is just your mind, because you don't have Knowledge about it.
Please continue Meditation. You will have many more wonderful Experiences